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Trauma Therapy

Therapy Session

Approach to Trauma Therapy

Nancy Hilsenrath, LCSW, CASAC, SAP, brings a comprehensive approach to trauma therapy, recognizing individual needs. With extensive experience, she integrates evidence-based techniques like CBT, DBT, and EMDR. Creating a safe space, Nancy helps clients process trauma, regulate emotions, and develop coping strategies. She specializes in addressing trauma alongside substance abuse, supporting clients in their recovery journey.

Group Therapy

Tailored Services for Different Populations

Nancy tailors trauma therapy to individuals, children, couples, and families. With sensitivity, she adapts techniques to developmental stages, relational dynamics, and cultural backgrounds. For children, Nancy employs play therapy and collaborates closely with parents. With couples, she facilitates open communication and equips them with tools to rebuild trust. Family therapy promotes cohesion and healing among family members.

Working from Home

Accessibility Through Telehealth

Nancy extends trauma therapy beyond her West Hempstead location through Telehealth. Using secure online platforms, she reaches clients across boundaries. Telehealth sessions offer personalized attention and support, catering to diverse needs. Nancy ensures confidentiality and professionalism, prioritizing rapport building and creating a safe space for virtual interactions.

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