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My Addiction Therapist

Mind Healing to Reverse Your Addiction

Nancy Hilsenrath

Nancy Hilsenrath


Nancy Hilsenrath is a licensed clinical social worker seeing patients in Long Island and Queens, New York. Nancy works with many clinical issues ranging from depression, anxiety, ADHD and addiction.

She provides a warm and safe environment and helps you process the issues. She helps you learn new ways to cope with the issues. Together, you will work to get to a point where the issues are significantly improved or non-existent.

Areas of Expertise

My Addiction Therapist counseling services include: individual, couples & family therapy sessions, addiction counseling, placements into residential treatment facilities, and psychological evaluations.

In a society that places so much pressure on each of us, drug addiction has become an increasingly common problem.

Effects can be far reaching, having an impact on every aspect of life; from work, to family & relationships. Whether an addiction is for medicinal or recreational substances, finding a solution to the problem is essential to find stability & live life on healthier terms.

Rethink Addiction as a Response to Emotional Pain.


“Nancy is a rare gem. I began seeing her about 2 years ago & I cherish her insight & expertise. She skillfully helps me make critical connections to my present from my past that have alluded me for many years. Nancy is easy, affable, compassionate and so very smart! I’m very fortunate to have her.”

– Heather D.

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